#FOURINT | Cocktail Column

17 Dec 2014
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We have his recipes on the best cocktails and now we can get to know more about Kamil Foltan, from FOUR’s latest Autumn international issue…

Old Soul

Singapore’s Tippling Club, at the vanguard of the city’s fine dining scene, isalso a leader in drinks mixology, too. Kamil Foltan, the Tippling Club’smixologist, gives his take on the world of drinks
Once I was asked to describe myself in two words. A very good friend describedme as an Old Soul and everyone agreed with it. I love history, especially when itis linked with alcohol. If I could choose an alternative historic era to live, it wouldbe the Victorian period or during Prohibition in America; periods when most of
the classic cocktails were created.

I like to interpret classic cocktails with a twist on flavour and presentation.Working with Ryan is very inspirational; using exciting ingredients, unknownand interesting flavour sources and techniques he uses for cooking andextracting the flavours.

Another source of inspiration comes from the history of different parts of theworld together with culture and hospitality, favorite dishes and flavours, aromasand different industries, which I try to translate into drinks.

For me, the first step is to create a story or concept behind a drink, so it has itsown soul. Once we have the concept I look for flavour, how to work with thesourced ingredients and in what form to use them: syrup, cordial, tincture,distillation, etcetera.

After finding the best form of flavour we will decide on a style of drink, presentation and garnish and lastly we look for a name which best describes the drink.


Photography by Todd Beltz