22 Mar 2015
2 min read
“It’s an obligation to give to the less fortunate”, Antioco Piras – one of FOUR’s CEOs – explains. In its first steps, he divulges the idea behind the FOUR Foundation charity organisation…

How did you come to create the FOUR Foundation, and why?

I strongly believe that when one finds him or herself in an economically comfortable situation, it’s an obligation to give to the less fortunate. At FOUR we are very fortunate that we work with some of the wealthiest clients and companies. Therefore, it’s our obligation to reach out to improve the livelihoods of those who have no clean water and suffer from famine. That said, at FOUR we will not only be reaching out to obtain funds but since we have been a profitable company from day 1, a percentage of our profits will go to the foundation.

What are your aims at the Foundation?

By feeding someone today, we don’t resolve the problem of famine or helping the less fortunate. We want to teach communities in certain areas of the world how to become self-sustained and self-sufficient, augmenting their quality of life,and their lives in the future, as well as making it possible for them tomake money from their land.

Why did you choose the individual charities?

Each charity was chosen for very specific reason, at FOUR we chose Environmental Justice Foundation, War Child and Drop 4 Drop, while Jason Atherton chose Hospitality Action, as he has been their ambassador for years. Children are our future andno child should die of starvation because of man’s greed for war, dictatorship or so-called democracy. Water is life;no water means no crops or sanitation. 2,000 children die every day due to unsafe water. Illegal fishing is killing our precise oceans and affecting whole communities of fishermen that depend on them.

Why did you choose Jason Atherton to be the Ambassador?

It took me a long time to understand who the perfect person would be to fit our brand in the best way possible. I was looking for a young, ambitious entrepreneur, whose life was food. Since 2010 Jason has achieved a lot and is going on to greater things. When we spoke it took literally 3 minutes to understand we were right for each other.

Are you planning any specific events for 2015?

In autumn of this year we are planning a very important charitable event with Jason. The event will be almost a 5 day FOUR festival, showcasing some up an coming chefs from around the world. Can’t revealmuch now, but it will be amazing and open to public.

How much do hope to raise for the charities?

I can’t give ananswer to this right now, but obviously as much as we can. After the first year I am sure we willhave a clearerpicture for upcoming years. So the only thing I can ask to those reading this, is please donate. Find out more at .

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,’ Winston Churchill.