#FOURExclusive | Charity Coffee Table Book

23 Feb 2017
2 min read
FOUR is proud to announce that it will be releasing a coffee table book with some of the world’s greatest chefs in partnership with War Child.

Over the next few months,wewill be working proudlyalongside some of the world’s top chefs to create a limited edition,coffee table book of some of their best gastronomic creations. We havepartnered with War Child for this fantastic project that will see big name chefs show their culinaryand creative skills, all in the name of charity.

With proceeds going to children affected by war, wefeelthat there has never been a better time to mobilise ourselves in the fight to help those who really need it.CEO and Co-Founder of FOUR Magazine, Antioco Piras, commented on the coffee table book;

Over the last 5 years FOUR has built up a reputation of working with the world’s best chefs. I always receive compliments about how stunning the imagery is that we use in our magazines and on Instagram, so i decided to put together a very special, limited edition coffee table book.You see, philanthropy has always been close to my heart, so when brainstorming the idea I approached War Child, who were just as enthusiastic as I was about the book, therefore we decided to partner together.I can’t tell you how blessed Ifeel to be working with some of the biggest chefs in the world on this very special project.

With an incredible line up of chefs, this is a truly exciting project that won’t be repeated. The chefs, that include;Alexandre Gauthier​, Andoni Luis Aduriz, André Chiang​, Andreas Caminada, Andrew Fairlie, Christian Jürgen​s, Christian Bau, Daniel Humm,David Kinch, Emma Bengtsson, Emmanuel Stroobant, Grant Achatz, Hans Neuner, Heiko Nieder, Heinz Beck,Helena Rizzo, Jan Hartwig, Jason Atherton, JonnieBoer, Juan Amador,Konstantin Filippou, Elena Arzak, Martin Benn,Nils Henkel, Pascal Devalkeneer, Peter Goossens, Quique Dacosta,Rasmus Kofoed, Richard Ekkebus, Richard van Oostenbrugge, Rodolfo Guzmán,Sergio Herman, Shinobu Namae, Sven Elverfeld, Thomas Bühner​,Thomas Keller, Virgilio Martínez​,and Yann Bernard Lejard, will come together to showcase their food, art and philsophies in this very special, limited edition coffee table book.

Only 100 copies will be printed and will all be sold through pre-order. All proceeds of the 100 limited edition books will be donated to children affected by war in places like Syria, Yemen &The Congo.

Pre-order now as 100 copies will sell out fast. The books will be sold for €300 and for all enquiries please contact frank@four-magazine.com.

Thanks for your support!