#FOUR News | The Kamilla Seidler expedition

30 Jan 2017
2 min read
Kamilla Seidler, the Danish chef behind Gustu in Bolivia and Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2016, will be embarking on a four-month culinary expedition.

2017 will see Kamilla Seidler team up with Bon Vivant Communications to create an excitingfour month culinary expedition throughcuisines, continents and cultures around the world.

The Kamilla Seidler Expeditionhas already joined forces with exciting short term projects, food festivals and symposiums in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Russia, the Filipines and up in the Himalayas, and has its kick-off onApril 3rdwhen Chef Seidler will be planting the first flag on the North Sea shores of Scandinavia.

Kamilla Seidleris known in culinary circles for her great passion and social commitment, being part – with the lead of Noma co-founder and culinary entrepreneurClaus Meyer– of a worldwide acclaimed and luscious restaurant creation: Gustu, and a full-scholarship kitchen-school project called Manq´a that provides knowledge, jobs and hope to a generation of youth who would otherwise be facing a very challenging future.

Founded in 2013 by Claus Meyer in close partnership withIFU– Investment Fund for Developing Countries,Restaurant Gustu’sculinary directionhas been run by Kamilla Seidler. There, she developed an innovative cooking style based on a deep respect for the local product and a tight relationship with hundreds of native producers.

With dishes like “palm heart with sun-dried alpaca and poached egg yolk” and “lama tartar with elderflower capers and bone marrow cream”, Kamilla Seidler has transposed the Nordic way of thinking food into Bolivian culture over the last five years, and through this has created a profound, unique and delicious culinary DNA.

Born in Copenhagen, known as“The Dane of the Andes”for her commitment with Bolivian native products, a chef that found creativity and became a pivot of a new generation of chefs in the deep heart of South America.

Kamilla Seidlerstates:“With this upcoming expedition my hope is to spread the word of how we in Bolivia fight challenges through deliciousness. How we empower a generation of cooks who we believe will encourage their communities and revive pride in their cuisine to the extent that it’ll become a national symbol. We’re not fully there yet but are on the right track, and it all began with Gustu. We do believe that we can change the world through food.

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