FOUR News | Norbert Niederkofler taking his art to Tosca

13 Mar 2016
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Chef Niederkofler’s cooking philosophy is to be as “simple, clear and clean”, as possible, with the most basic products being the most important and now he will be bringing his vision of art to Pino Lavarra’s, Tosca…
A piece of the Dolomites in Hong Kong

From April 7 to 9, 2016 master Chef, Norbert Niederkofler from the Dolomites, will indulge food connoisseurs at restaurant Tosca in The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong,with his inventive flavours inspired by nature. Using the purest flavours andproduce availble from the fertile volcanic soils and crystal-clear waters of the region, his cuisine bothrespects nature and the quality of even the most basicproduce.Hosted by Chef Pino Lavarra of Tosca, Michelin two-star Chef Norbert will bring his celebrated “Cook the Mountain” philosophy to life and amaze even the most pampered palates with the exceptional beauty of simplicity.

Chef Norbert’s culinary roots can be traced back to his childhood, when he developed a passion for exploring the outdoors as well as the flavors of nature. When he turned 19, Chef Norbert decided to see the bigger world. He started his culinary training in Germany, then honed his craft around the globe, in Zurich, London, Milan and Munich, working alongside world-class chefs Jörg Müller, Eckart Witzigmann, David Bouley, Nadia Santini and others.

With a strong affection for the mountains and flavors of his hometown, Chef Norbert returned to the Dolomites and transformed a pizzeria into a fine dining establishment, St. Hubertus. He also initiated the “Cook the Mountain” project to promote sustainable agriculture in the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites and its cultural implications. The unfailing respect for nature at the very core of his culinary philosophy earned St. Hubertus its first Michelin star in 2000 and the second one seven years later. Over the years, he has received honors and accolades by the dozens from the most distinguished organizations such as Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux, Grandes Tables du Monde and Gamero Rosso (with a high score of 92 points), yet he has never changed his approach. “The best things are the simplest things. But, at the same time, the hardest things to do,” said Chef Norbert.

Guests may opt for a six-course dinner menu from April 7 to 9 at HK$1,680 or a four-course set lunch from April 8 to 9 at HK$680. Chef’s recommendations include “Trout Tartare withTroutCaviar and Crispy Skin”, “Risotto with Tomato Water and Basil Popcorn”, “Beef Fillet and Celeriac Cooked in Hay and Salt Crust” and “Beetroot Gnocchi with Beer Soil and Cream of Daikon Cress”. Vegetarian menus are also available. For full menus, please refer to the attachment.

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