#FOUR News | Dining Impossible 17 – New York City

10 May 2016
3 min read
The globetrotting dinner party takes another chunk out of the Big Apple in its next exclusive dining experience…

Known as the capital of the world, New York City attracts foodies, fashionistas and impresarios with a thirst for big business and all things bourgeois.The melting pot that it is, Gotham has come to behold a gastronomy scene so enriched by traditional and contemporary cooking cultures in need of sharing.

Mexican, Nordic, Italian, French, Korean, American, Japanese; the diversity of this great city is cardinal. It’s the perfect destination to host the seventeenth Dining Impossible.Offering“the world’s most coveted dinner tickets”to pleasure aficionados flying in from around the globe.

Described by many as the most exclusive, immersive dinner party in the world, the next installment of Dining Impossible offers3 days,3 superrestaurants and1 great dinner party.

Chapter 1 – America’s No. 1| Eleven Madison Park

ChefDaniel Hummand RestaurateurWill Guidara’s sleek Art Deco restaurant offers a masterclass in surprise.From the mysterious string-tied box that kicks off proceedings, to a member of the kitchen staff arriving tableside to baste an inflated pig’s bladder, little can be foreseen.What diners can rely on, however, is a dining experience that is as delightful as it is engaging with the use of peerless ingredients and top-class cooking such as a clam dish that comes in two stages.

Having earned his first Michelin star at the age of 24, Swiss Daniel Humm has since put two more on the table of Eleven Madison Park where the first eating extravaganza of Dining Impossible 17 will be held.Overlooking the magnificent Madison Square Park, Eleven Madison Park not only boasts a bountiful tasting menu but also a spectacular overview of the dazzling restaurant from our private dining room.

Chapter 2 – Upstate Legend | Blue Hill at Stone Barns

The legendary Blue Hill at Stone Barns offers a totallyunique perspective on food, creating a direct link between the earth, kitchen and diner. Be prepared to come outfeeling truly awakened.

Having spent more than a decade investigating farming communities around the world, drawing on the wisdom and experience of chefs, farmers and seed breeders, Executive Chef and co-ownerDan Barberattempts to evoke consciousness through his cooking. His mission: to findan ethical, sustainable, yet utterly delicious national cuisine.

At Blue Hill you are presented with so much more than just a dinner. Perhaps you’ll be shown a video of how the fish on your plate was caught or be taken out to the garden where the carrot you’re eating was plucked from the ground just minutes before it was delicately arranged on your plate.

Whether it comes from the greenhouse, farm, pasture, field, forest or cellar, every element is given its much deserved spotlight and shines from every angle. In 2015 Blue Hill at Stone Barns made its first entry onSan Pellegrino’s World 50 Best Restaurants list.

Chapter 3 – Back in the City

Lunch | Burger Raid

Not all can be fine dining, but when it’s not, it still has to be sublime.In order to get an al-roundgood chunk of New York’s culinary DNA, we hook up for lunch with beef aficionado, Eater senior editor and highly entertaining Emmy-nominated host of“The Meat Show”,Nick Solares, who vividly takes us through three of his favorite burger joints in town.

Evening – The Exclusive Buyout | Atera

Atera is one of New York’s most beautiful restaurants.Headed by Danish Ronny Emborg, this 2* Michelin fine dining counter takes cooking to new paths, combining the flavors, colors, and seasonal essence of nature with delicate precision to engage the diner in a unique culinary experience.

Chef Emborg defines his cuisine as “The Sensory Kitchen” – a kitchen that enhances the pleasure of dining with the full use of taste, sight, color and smell.In all Atera honors the poetry of nature and creativity in pursuit of an immersive sensory and intimate dining experience.