#FOUR News | Atelier Vivanda HK has opened for business

01 Jun 2015
2 min read
The contemporary French bistro concept, Atelier Vivanda, from two Michelin star Akrame Benallal, has opened its first outpost in Hong Kong.
Atelier Vivanda HK

Making it’s home on 9A Ship street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Akrame’s newest venture will continue with the same casual concept of good meat – beef – and potatoes, served in a cool and stylish interior, akin to a butchers studio, yet executed with French fine dining finesse and stellar service to match.

Chef Akrame states “We are excited to bring Atelier Vivanda to Hong Kong…In my head, the “Atelier Vivanda” concept was born sharp and clear – notably with the leather aprons or even with the butcher knives inspired by Ancient Rome. I am the final link of this chain of craftsmanship, I magnify their work through my creations, my recipes and my cooking.There is no secret recipes, professionalism is the key to success,” added Akrame.“From breeder to cook, from race qualities and to cooking time, from aging to the perfection of cutting, only the hand and brains of man are able to achieve this everyday miracle.”

With this in mind, the menu showcases high quality meats, such as thinly sliced smoked beef matured for 50 days, Iberian Pata Negra bellota and Old Comte. We have also been informed that other menu highlightsinclude delicious offerings such as;duck leg terrine with vinegar spring onions, veal carpaccio and a Caesar salad with sesame and cashew nuts. These dishes aptly follow the same “Atelier Vivanda”concept and complement othermain courses that include a variety of choice cut meats from theBlack Angus flank, yellow chicken breast, to the fantasticly meatyIberian pork rib.The ‘Le Croquavor’, Atelier Vivanda’s reinterpretation of the hamburger, will also feature as the house speciality.

Special touches to these dishes is what makes Akrame signature style so memorable. Each starter will beaccompanied by fresh bread served in asmallpaper bag withAkrame’s branded “Caractère” olive oil.Caractère is an artisan oilive oil made from Madagascar pepper and select olives from the San Remo area ofItaly. The produce and resulting oil is thenpersonally chosen by Akrame andpresented alongside his culinary creationsin a bottle with a personal drawing Akrame has made of an olive tree held in his palms,symbolising ‘made from the heart’.These truly personal touches that Akrame adds to every part of his culinary endevours is what makes this great chef stand out.

With a kitchen helmed by Akrame and Chef Thibault Gilardi as Chef de Cuisine, alongside award-winning Mixologist Reeve Yip, adding a certain New York flare; the new restaurant is set to be at the centre of the growing epicurean heart of Wanchai.Having already had roaring success with his three other Ateliers, the restaurants have not only gained popularity with food lovers and critics alike, but have also been acknowledged by the France Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide in 2013 and 2015; Rue Lauriston in 2013 and Cherche Midi in 2015.

“In Paris, Atelier Vivanda has attracted food lovers from all walks of life, from international celebrities to the everyday foodie. We are confident that in Hong Kong it will be a dining destination that brings together people from all different backgrounds, bound by one similarity: the love for high quality food”. With this in mind there are already plans to open three more in Zurich, Brussels and London.

Find out more information about Atelier Vivanda here |www.ateliervivanda.com