#FOUR News | A portrait of André Chiang

20 Jun 2016
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Imminently André Chiang will be bringing his highly anticipated book tour to London, where he’ll also be cooking up a storm at Lyle’s of London. FOUR celebrates the enigmatic chef with this video portrait…

Chiang’s restaurant,Restaurant Andréin Singapore, is placed on The World’s 50 Best list. His debut cookbook is an exploration into a year of food in his restaurant, where each of the dishes focuses on one of these eight elements:

Pure |Flavour without seasoning

Artisan |Heritage produce

Memory |Atimeless dish

Salt |Seasoning to draw out the best in ingredients

South |Celebrating France

Terroir |Gifts from the land

Texture |Aplay with the tactile

Unique |Acombination of ingredients

André and James will be cooking a collaborative dinner with dishes representing the culinary philosophy behind both Restaurant André and Lyle’s.

Find out more about and here…

Video Credits | Told Tales


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