FOUR Gin Cocktails from our friends at the Ginstitute

23 Jan 2015
2 min read
Jumping Gin Cocktails from the Ginstitute above Notting Hill’s Portobello Star Bar…


This drink was created especially to showcase the virtues of Portobello RoadGin- the character of ourginreally shines through despite the fact that there are so many other strong flavours in here. This is partly due to our use of nutmeg and cassia bark in theginwhich gives it a long, warm finish which lingers pleasantly on the palate. Named for the late Queen Mother who was said to be a big fan of bothGinand Dubonnet. She lived to be 101 of course, not that we’re saying this drink will help you repeat that feat.


25mls Portobello RoadGin | 25mls Dubonnet | 20mls Aperol | 5mls Dark Jamaican Rum


Stir all the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass or jug, not for too long, ten seconds should do it. Strain the drink into a stemmed cocktail glass or the classic Martini glass leaving the ice in the mixing vessel. Garnish with a twist of lemon and a twist of orange.


Our modernised recipe of a classic cocktail popularised in London during the 1880’s by John Collins of Limmers Hotel. Easy to make at home and the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summers day.


35mls Portobello RoadGin | 25mls Lemon Juice | 25mls Sugar Syrup | 100mls Soda Water


Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the ingredients and slowly mix with a long bar spoon so not to disturb the effervescence. Finally add slices of lemon.


Created by our very own Jake Burger, this drink is a distinctly British take on the ever popular mojito, substitutingginand tonic for the rum and soda in the original and adding a refreshing hint of cucumber to the mix.


50mls Portobello RoadGin | 20mls fresh lime juice | 20mls sugar syrup | 100mls Fevertree Tonic Water | 10 – 15 mint leaves | 1 inch of Cucumber, diced


Take a tall glass and add all the ingredients along with just a little crushed ice. Churn the whole lot thoroughly using a long handled bar spoon. Then top with more crushed ice and another small splash of tonic. Garnish with a large sprig of fresh mint.


A suitably Autumnal take on the G&T which will warm your cockles on a grey English day. Easy to make at home and a great way to welcome the guests to your soiree.


50mls Portobello RoadGin| 200mls Premium Tonic | Slices of English pear and Russet Apple | 6 or 7 Juniper Berries


Fill a large Copa glass with good quality ice and slowly pour in all the ingredients, for an added autumnal points add one physalis.

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