FOUR Exclusive | Valentines Day Dinner with Chef Jamie Simpson

14 Jan 2015
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Chef Jamie Simpson will re-create the dishes featured by Four Magazine in a special and exclusive Valentines Day dinner.

Chef is the Executive Chef Liaison at The Culinary Vegetable Institute. He hails from a small town in Summerville, S.C. and is en route to becoming a young highly sought after chef. He began his culinary career in a serendipitous fashion after leaving the music industry and his job at a recording studio. His journey continued to one of Charleston’s most acclaimed restaurants, The Charleston Grill, which gave him opportunities to explore other globally recognized kitchens and work with countless talents.At The Culinary Vegetable Institute, he designs dishes around what is available on the farm that day, and his commitment to micro seasonal cooking opens the door for him to be more creative while respecting the plants. His dishes look astonishing, always play tricks on the senses and are constantly evolving.

As part of their Valentines Day menu, Chef Simpson has taken inspiration from FOUR Magazine and has inspired his chef’s to create a menu based around specially selected FOUR ingredients. But don’t take our word for it, watch the video and hear Jamie explain his vision for the menu!