Former NOMA Chef Announces New Ibiza Cookery Course Dates

24 Aug 2018
2 min read
Hone your cookery skills with this exciting opportunity on the White Isle. Leading Ibiza Chef Boris Buono has just announced dates for exciting new one-day cookery courses at La Finca in Ibiza, with the first set for 5th September.

Boris is the brains behind Taller De Tapas and the Social Dining Clubs at The Ibiza Food Studio, two gastronomic experiences that will take you on an unforgettable journey of authentic culinary discovery.  The principle behind the Ibiza Food Studio is about connecting people over a shared love of locally sourced, seasonal food that is prepared, cooked and served as close to nature as it can be.

With ‘social dining‘ at the core of both, the seeds of the food studio were sown in a small apartment in Copenhagen where friends came together to eat, laugh, talk and share ideas over plates of delicious food. Both restaurants are spearheaded by Boris Buono, food-pioneer and international Chef, whose restaurant credentials include the running of some of the world’s finest kitchens, counting Denmark’s Michelin starred Noma (named the world’s best restaurant) amongst them.

Boris is currently making waves as a game-changer on the European restaurant circuit in Ibiza by pushing the boundaries and shaking up the traditional restaurant scene.  Boris and his partner Vanessa (born in Seville to a restaurant owning family) work closely together to look after their guests.

Boris told FOUR: “‘The food philosophy of Noma is incorporated in our cooking – we use  local ingredients and forage wherever possible. For me a locally caught fish is as luxurious as caviar –  it’s about taking raw material and upgrading it by conceptualising. By combining the elements and philosophy of new Nordic cuisine and giving it a Mediterranean twist, our concept introduces what I like to call ‘New Ibizencan’ cooking to the Island.

I use traditional and classic ingredients, methods and cultures.  Ibiza is a very spiritual place – people are drawn to the island from all over the world. There are a wealth of world cuisines here – and sometimes Ibiza feels more global even than Copenhagan!”

With Taller De Tapas and the Social Dining Clubs at the Ibiza Food Studio now firmly established as ‘the’ go-to dining experiences in Ibiza, 2018 sees Boris and his team take their food concept to a whole new level with the introduction of residential cookery courses, retreats and workshops at La Finca in Ibiza.

The courses will be one-day workshops for people cooking at home who want to fine-tune their skills and learn the secrets behind Boris’ dishes.

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