Foraging with Koks

20 Mar 2016
2 min read
The internationally acclaimed Faroese Hotel Føroyar houses KOKS, a international award winning restaurant. Take a walk with them while they gather and collect ingredients for their menu.

At the heart of KOKS is the culinary coquetry of Poul Andrias Ziska. As KOKS’ head chef he masters the artistry of distilling taste and smell from the Faroese landscape, combining them in exquisite dishes. The palate is local, uncompromisingly Faroese.

The starting point of KOKS style is Poul Andrias Ziska’s culinary creations. Head chef at KOKS, he has the ability to put Faroese landscape in a pot. Pioneer of the New Nordic Kitchen in the Faroe Islands, KOKS is characterized by its unique Faroese identity and by its commitment to sustainable and local products. Its cuisine style is earthy and refined, ancient and modern. Instead of the new, it emphasizes the old (drying, fermenting, pickling, curing and smoking) with a larger goal of returning balance to earth itself. At KOKS, the cuisine is about seasonality, seriously engaging with agriculture and history and of making age-old food delightful to modern palates.

KOKS’ Cooking Philosophy

Poulcontinues to simply enjoy the uniqueness and richness of the Faroe Islands. Fan of ræst, (local preservation method) he supports and defends this technique that captures and boosts flavour.

For Ziska, “The infrastructure of the Faroe Islands is amazing and with a distance to continental Europe of only 2 hours by direct flight, the islands and the restaurant are very accessible. Furthermore, few restaurants can boast of such wonderful view of the ocean and the surrounding islands”.

And what is the best part of it all for the new chef? “The absolutely unbelievable raw material of the Faroe Islands very much appreciated by the best restaurants in the world. And you can just step outside and take in the fantastic view of the ocean. It doesn’t get any better than this”.

KOKS’ style can be defined as pure, fresh, simple and ethic.


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