Flavours of Amalfi

03 Jul 2018
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MALFY GIN is made by the Vergnano Family in their small distillery just outside of Torino – the heart of Italian wine, spirits and cocktail culture. The distillery is owned by Carlo Vergnano and his wife, Piera – their daughter Rita manages the operations.

Can you tell us a bit more about the story behind Malfy Gin? 

The distillery is a long established business – it was a former Seagram Italia facility which Carlo and his family worked for and then purchased when the Seagram company was sold. The company has a long established tradition of making classic Italian products such as Vermouths, Amaro and many more. The master Distillers – Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni as well as Carlo are all trained Winemakers – and have huge experience in distillation and wine making – gaining their training in Alba – the heart of the world famous Piedmont wine region.

In 2016, they turned their attention to making gin in partnership with Elwyn Gladstone – the owner of MALFY Gin. Looking through the history of Gin, we learned that the first ever “gin” was distilled by Monks on the Amalfi Coast – in their kitchens of the monasteries. They combined a wine spirit and blended it with locally foraged Juniper (Ginepro in Italian) to make a medicine that we now know as gin. Years later, the Dutch and British discovered gin – but its true origins lie in Italy.


What do you think makes Malfy Gin so special in your opinion?

We wanted to make MALFY a uniquely Italian brand – and use botanicals, ingredients and packaging that was special to Italy. Our range of products are distilled in Torino Distillati using our stainless steel vacuum still – which distills at very low temperatures (under vacuum) which allows the incredibly fresh and intense citrus flavors to be captured. We blend Juniper (the key ingredient of all gin) with various botanicals, including citrus peel, coriander and others to make our unique, Italian take on Gin.

The packaging of MALFY also conjures up Italian craft – beautifully silk screened bottles in the tradition of classic Italian design, an Italian Oak stopper, and of course our beautiful bright labels which make you think MALFY is quite simply sunshine in a bottle.


Can you tell us a bit about what you’ve been working on recently?

Our range includes MALFY ORIGINALE – which is our classic, dry style gin – blended with mineral water from the local Monviso Mountain spring; MALFY GIN CON LIMONE – which is distilled from Juniper and Amalfi Coast lemon peel (the lemons that they use for making Limoncello); MALFY GIN CON ARANCIA – made with Sicilian Blood Orange and Juniper and newly launched MALFY GIN ROSA – made with Sicilian Pink Grapefruit and Rhubarb (Rabarbaro in Italian – which is a classic ingredient and used in products such as Aperol). All of the range is delicious on the rocks, mixed with a classic super-premium tonic such as Fever Tree Mediterranean, or in one of your favorite cocktails.


What interesting trends/themes are going on in the world of distillery?

There is a huge boom in gin at the moment, and new gins from all over the world – not just England – are coming all the time – we have rapidly become Italy’s number one gin and sell our product around the world – from Japan to USA and most countries in between. The revival in Gin has been driven by consumers looking for more interesting taste experiences, better quality spirits that make better tasting cocktails – and a desire to try something other than the regular.


What’s next?

We are very excited at the way MALFY Gin has become so popular so quickly – and we are going to keep on working on new products and new ideas to make our gin the best in the world.


Cin Cin!


Find out more about Malfy Gin here | www.malfygin.com