Flame Grilled | Tyrolean BBQ Courses at Hotel Tannenhof

07 Jun 2015
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Heading into the summer months we all know barbecues will be on the menu, FOUR finds out from Christoph Zangerl of luxury Hotel Tannenhof, how to make your bbq truly smoking’…
Tyrolean BBQ courses

For those to whom barbecuing means more than just throwing a few sausages on the grill, St Anton am Arlberg‘s finest luxury five-star superior hideawayHotel Tannenhofnow offers a 2 day luxury BBQ and smoking course with 3 toques head chef Christoph Zangerl.

Participants will be able to take their BBQ skills to the next level whilst enjoying the purity of the Tyrol environment, creating an eclectic mix of fine dining and casual summertime fun.

Under the guidance of gourmet chef Christoph Zangerl the course is open to all, from novices to those already having mastered the art of smoking and grilling and are looking for further inspiration. According to skill level, interest and taste Chef Zangerl will tailor a course that will encompass skills such as preparing and cutting meat and fresh fish, inspiring ideas for vegetarian BBQ dishes, interesting salads, beautiful presentation, condiments and much more!

To prepare us for the upcoming BBQ season, Chef Zangerl shares his 3-top tips for a successful BBQ

Smoking | Smoking is usually done with a dedicated smoker or on a charcoal grill, however it’s actually quite easy to smoke foods on a gas grill. Simply wrap a handful of wood chips in a double layer of aluminium foil, poke a few holes in the foil, and place under the cooking grates. The chips will slowly smoulder, releasing flavourful smoke onto the items cooking.

Marinade | For Marinades, the longer you can leave meat to marinade the better. Especially to ensure the flavours are not overridden by the addition of the smoke. It is a good idea to save some marinade when you BBQ, brush your meat or fish with the marinade every 10 minutes to add moisture, caramelise gently and trap in the delicious smoky flavour as it cooks.

Heat | If you only change one thing about your BBQ habits, make sure you always bring your meat back to room temperature before cooking. The biggest struggle with cooking on a BBQ is to get the heat from the outside of the meat to the middle without burning the surface to a cinder. If your meat starts off at room temperature the easier it is to cook through.

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