Fishing for Ink

09 Feb 2014
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Made from squid ink and fishing wire, ‘Naar Inkt Vissen’ is a Dutch illustrated book of the most creative kind…

Today Designers have published a48 page book, entitled ‘Naar Inkt Vissen’, which translates to ‘Fishing For Ink’, printed with squid ink only.

Twenty Dutch tales line its pages, recalling stories about sailors at sea, each of which is accompanied by images from variousillustrators. During the process, one-and-a-half litres of the squid ink, which was bought at a fish auction in Scheveningen was used to screen-print700 books. The books’ 48 pages were bound using the Japanese stab-binding technique, with fishing wire.

The at-sea stories were written by Menno Smit en Edwin de Voigt, two Dutch authors who were askedto write twenty limited edition stories to be taken with a huge grain of salt.