First ever Michelin Guide Rio de Janeiro & São Paolo revealed

23 Mar 2015
2 min read
Michelin has now officially unveiled the 2015 edition of the Michelin Guide Rio de Janeiro & São Paolo, featuring one two-star restaurant and 16 one-star restaurants.

With last week’s leak of the brand new Michelin Guide, we can now reveal that Alex Atala’s D.O.M was officially awarded two Michelin stars.

Michelin commented: “Our inspectors discovered an extensive and diverse selection of creative cuisine, featuring high-quality local produce with influences from around the world. After many months of exploratory work in these two cities, our inspectors have identified the very finest establishments, which will act as ambassadors for Brazilian cuisine in the years to come.”

Alex Atala’s cuisine is described as “truly unique and highly creative”, featuring “traditional and often underused Brazilian produce, some of which the chef discovered himself in the Amazon rainforest”. Atala’s second restaurant, Dalva e Dito, also received one star.

In São Paolo, a total of 10 restaurants received their first star in the 2015 edition. These include Mani, where chef Helene Rizzo and her partner Daniel Redondo serve up innovative and creative dishes, as well as Jun Sakamoto, Kinoshita and Kosushi, each of which offers the very finest Japanese cuisine.

Six restaurants in Rio de Janeiro were also awarded one star, including Roberta Sudbrack, a restaurant named after its head chef, which serves up modern and authentic Brazilian cuisine featuring local ingredients and combining a range of textures and flavours to deliver a truly unique sensory experience. Another restaurant awarded one star was Olympe, run by famous French chef Claude Troisgros and his son, Thomas, who have lived in Brazil since 1979. Their restaurant offers traditional French cuisine prepared from local produce.

The complete list of stars:


São Paulo | D.O.M.


Rio de Janeiro | Lasai

Rio de Janeiro | Mee

Rio de Janeiro | Olympe

Rio de Janeiro | Oro

Rio de Janeiro | Le Pré Catelan

Rio de Janeiro | Roberta Sudbrack

São Paulo | Attimo

São Paulo | Dalva e Dito

São Paulo | Epice

São Paulo | Fasano

São Paulo | Huto

São Paulo | Jun Sakamoto

São Paulo | Kinoshita

São Paulo | Kosushi

São Paulo | Maní

São Paulo | Tuju