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08 Jul 2014
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Finding a natural partnership between the finest quality coffee and culinary excellence, Nespresso Grand Cru has been working with the Club of the World Best Sommeliers and Yannick Alléno at Epernay, highlighting and develop the fact that great coffee forms the natural conclusion to an exceptional dining experience….

Last week saw a gourmet event in Epernay, which brought Nespresso andsome of the top sommeliers and chefs together under one roof. The aim? To highlight and develop the fact that greatcoffee forms the natural conclusion to an exceptional dining experience.

Nespresso, with its commitment to sourcing the highest quality green coffee, is leading by example in the world of haute cuisine. Its strong focus and commitment to creating the very best coffee experiences has been the start of a quiet revolution amongst the world’s most celebrated chefs, the best dining establishments and the finest hotels. Above all, Nespresso has been able to fulfill the needs of these professionals known for their perfectionism and consistency.

Over 3-4 July Nespresso showcased its partnerships and culinary finesse by holding an event with one of its partners,the Club of the World Best Sommeliers wherethe 14 World Best Sommeliers met for the first time. In keeping with its fine-dining and epicurean motives, the event included an innovative Gala Dinner at the gastronomy concept of Moët & Chandon “Le &”with pairing food with Nespresso coffee and Moët & Chandon champagne.

Club of the Best Sommeliers in the World |Association Sommelier International

In 2011, the ASI created theClub of the Best Sommeliers in the World, consisting of the 14 Sommeliers who won the award of the World’s Best Sommelier. The event wasthe first time that the 14 best metsince the creation of the Club. Aiming to establish the statutes of the Club, the strategy and priorities for the coming years,the ASI hosted a series of workshops over the two days where sommeliers brought their knowledge of wine and appreciation of flavour combinations to the world of coffee.

The sommelier speaks…

The world of the professional sommelier is in flux. According to Giuseppe Vaccarini, Best One-time sommelier of the World as awarded by the Association Sommelier International (ASI) and Nespresso Coffee Codex co-author,

“Knowing only about wine is a thing of the past for the professional sommelier.In order to be successful, he or she must master all the ingredients around the table: from spirits and waters to chocolates, cigars and, of course, coffee. In developing the Coffee Codex, we applied the vocabulary of wine tasting to the art of tasting coffee. Not only does this reflect the parallels between the two fields, it also enables the sommelier to effectively identify and describe the characteristics of coffee needed to make ideal pairings with other food and beverages.

The perfect coffee experience is an individual matter. Some coffee connoisseurs savour intense coffee, some prefer a rounder, more subtle gustatory experience. Then there are those who like to indulge in the perfect combination of coffee and milk. Nespresso Grand Crus have such premium quality that a coffee experience approaching sensory perfection is always assured.”

Fine-dining Nespresso

Nespresso coffee experts, with their focus on providing the highest quality coffee experiences, focus on sharing their knowledge and experience with equally passionate gastronomy professionals. With the Nespresso Coffee Codex, Nespresso has found a way to transform its coffee expertise into an expert methodology for professional sommeliers around the world. This codex is the map for both professional sommeliers and chefs to provide them with the directions firstly to be able to master the art of tasting coffee and secondly, to be able to pair Nespresso highest quality Grand Crus with other gourmet elements. Taking this one step further Nespresso also invites top chefs to its in-house Chef Academy as well as its dedicated Coffee Sommelier Programs each year.

The Nespresso Chef Academy gives professional chefs who work at the high end of the gastronomy world an additional specialization to add to their suite of achievements. It qualifies them to create perfect pairings of coffee with food which in turn allows them to deliver unique sensory experiences for their guests, even through using coffee as an ingredient to integrate into their dishes. The Nespresso Coffee Sommelier Program is open to professional sommeliers worldwide that already have extensive skills in wine as well as other products such as chocolate and food. Once graduated from the academy these chefs and sommeliers have a deep understanding of Nespresso Grand Crus and Green Coffee Tasting and can conduct a sensory analysis of both the coffees themselves but also other culinary products, surprising their clients with individually suited coffee experiences. It completes their introduction to the Nespresso world of coffee.

Nespresso is also found working with the world’s most outstanding food, hotel and sommelier associations. From the Relais et Châteaux which counts amongst its members some of the most beautiful restaurants and hotels from around the world to the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe which brings together Europe’s most talented and innovative young chefs to the Association Sommelier International (ASI), Nespresso is delivering the exceptional service demanded by the world’s leading gastronomy players. These leading fine dining establishments and the world’s most inspiring chefs find creative motivation in Nespresso Grand Crus as an ingredient. Coffee can inspire, it can tantalise and it can be a source of originality and creativity. With Nespresso Grand Crus, which are themselves a result of the combination of the highest quality green coffee and exceptional human mastery, chefs have a perfect ingredient.


Le & by Moët &

Moet& Chandon images©Michel Jolyot

Sommelier images©Olivier Savoy