Festive Fun

01 Nov 2018
2 min read
The perfect winter party at home? We’ve got you covered! FOUR has teamed up with FIJI Water and rounded up the best tips for you to host a memorable winter soiree.

It is the most wonderful time of the year as the weather gets cooler. One of the quintessential winter activities is to host a party to celebrate it from home. Every party has a plethora of elements that when balanced together make it a roaring success.


Setting is key

A tasteful setting is essential to every party as it sets the mood. As the weather is cooler, we recommend using an outdoor space. Feel free to choose a party theme, whether it be classic or a winter wonderland with lights adorning the area. In addition, make sure there are plenty of warm, cozy places for your guests to soak in the splendour of the party.


Remember to keep your guests hydrated

There is nothing worse than having dehydrated guests. One of the ways to avoid this is to choose the right kind of water. The taste and aesthetic are key to consider when you want your guests to experience the finest things on offer. FIJI Water manages to seamlessly find a balance between the two with a signature taste and a stylish bottle design – you’ll find your guests wanting more after the first sip! More so, FIJI Water’s appeal comes down to the water itself. It is known for its smooth soft taste which is the result of nature’s magical workings. It begins as a cloud high above the tropical paradise that is the Fiji Islands. What falls as rain is then filtered through ancient volcanic rock which collects essential minerals and gives FIJI Water its signature taste.


Craft your menu

As every party host knows, food is the way to your guests’ hearts! Incorporate seasonal ingredients with a Middle Eastern touch into your menu. For entrées, opt for something hearty such as a Lamb & Butternut squash soup or Ful Mudammas which is a classic Egyptian stew featuring fava beans and spices and herbs. Mains can include a delectable Seared chicken & Pearl couscous with a side of chickpea and tahini spread known as hummus. For dessert, indulge your guests with decadent treats such as a sticky toffee pudding or show off your culinary skills with Apple, Nut & Cardamom Baklava Roses with Honey Saffron Syrup.


Think about your food and drink pairings

The essence of a winter party comes down to food and drink pairings. Whilst refreshing winter cocktails or mocktails are a great choice, the classic option of water deserves a special place at the party. Show your guests that they have a food connoisseur amidst them by selecting a water that pairs well with everything. An effortless yet excellent premium choice would be to treat your guests to FIJI Water. It’s signature, smooth soft taste means it is not overbearing but is simple and delicious which makes it the perfect drink to accompany light entrees and heavy mains and desserts.


Choose the right music

With an array of music to choose from, it can be daunting to find something that adds to the party atmosphere. It comes down to personal preference, but we suggest creating a playlist with a variety of genres such as the classics, radio hits and a touch of smooth jazz for a sense of luxury relaxation. If you are the type that needs help in deciding which genres to use, get some suggestions from your guests – it will make everyone happy!