Feast In A Hidden Ice Cave This Winter

06 Oct 2018
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Take the dining out experience to the next level with this ice cool offering in Canada. 

Concealed in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, nestled under an ancient ice cap, lies the ice cave setting for a unique private dining experience by Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler and Head-Line Mountain Holidays. Within a cathedral-like cave of blue, join Four Seasons Executive Sous Chef David Baarschers as he enchants guests with his culinary craftsmanship within the beauty of the elaborate labyrinth of ice.

The magnificent evening begins with a luxury pick up. The adventure to the secluded, unknown ice cave location starts when guests are transported to Canada’s largest, southernmost ice field by helicopter, where they will take in the surrounding alpine region as they soar over towering forests and landscapes of ice, and between rocky volcanic peaks.

On arrival, wilderness experience experts will guide guests on a journey exploring natural ice sculptures and ice flows to a grand hall of aqua blue magnificence where a server will be waiting to greet them with a glass of crisp Krug champagne – after all, what better way to experience an ice cave?

The five-course gastronomic experience is designed to complement the essence of the location with Northern Divine caviar served on snow, oysters sourced from neighbouring Vancouver Island and grilled long bone with thyme roasted root vegetables.

Not only delicious, guests can leave the experience knowing they have contributed to Head-Line Mountain Holidays’ “White is Green” Ice Cap Research Initiative, in partnership with Simon Fraser University. A portion of all Head-Line’s ice cave experience revenues generated helps facilitate research projects by providing hands-on student learning opportunities in a real world ice cap setting without having to go to the Arctic or Antarctic.

Launching this November. Bookings can be made through Head-Line Mountain Holidays by calling 604 902 6415.