Facets of Finesse

17 Aug 2020
< 1 min read
CHIC has unveiled the Facet collection, a new line of elegant tableware that has an aesthetic appeal as impressive as its functionality.

The Facet collection’s effortlessly tactile characteristics enhance its timeless design, giving each piece an extra dimension. The geometric-shaped relief beautifully catches the light, creating an interesting play with shadows that further highlights the allure of each dish served. These playful effects create a unique and inviting atmosphere at the table, without taking over.

Just like CHIC‘s Perla, Classico and Verso collections, this new, highly versatile Facet range is also made out of the special SiloxiHT formula, which allows the porcelain creations to be thinner, more durable, lighter in weight and more translucent than any other porcelain product. The iridescent off-white glaze further heightens the collection’s finesse.

For producing items using SiloxiHT, the same special production technique as that of bone china is used. The base structure of the porcelain is first re-balanced with magnesium and then the porcelain is undergoes a double baking process at high temperatures (ca. 1310°C; glaze firing ca. 1150°C – 1180°C).  The end result is an extremely hard, light-weight, thin and durable material called SiloxiHT. The hardness of the material is what gives the CHIC products superior durability, while its lightness helps reduce the carbon footprint of daily operations.


To find out more about CHIC and the new FACET collection, visit their website, Instagram profile or Facebook page.