Exploring Urta Islandica

04 Oct 2016
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Urta Islandica is a young Icelandic company that specializes in producing goods from Icelandic herbs.
Islandic innovation

Thora Thorisdottir, artist and entrepreneur wanted to create something sustainable and unique using her knowledge and experience. In 2010 she started producing gourmet goods from Icelandic herbs, creating the logo Urta Islandica. In 2013 it received funding which proved to be an enormous success.Using traditional methods they turn birch, wild arctic thyme, lady’s-mantle, angelica and various berries,into wonderful delicatessens.

Urta Islandica’s main production is herbal salts. Thecompany specializes in producing goods from Icelandic herbs.The idea was to get the taste and benefits from the herbs and berries into the food, by adding it to the Icelandic flaky sea salt.

Her products proved to be immensely popular and during the following years she teamed up with family and neighbors who shared an interest in the concept of sustainability, transparency and combining fine art with food production in a new and exciting way.

The variety of herbal salts, teas, syrups, jams and biscuits is getting bigger every day as the interest from various gourmet stores, chefs and restaurants. The line of herbal salt contains up to 18 types such as Blueberry, Rhubarb, Arctic Thyme and Black lava salt. The ingredients is hand harvested and all the products are hand packed.

Visit Urta Islandica’s homepage www.urta.is and see the line of products and video from the production.