Experience The Chocolate Brunch Of Dreams This Autumn

07 Oct 2018
2 min read
Chocoholics can delight in this lavish new brunch offering from Four Seasons.

If you harbour a secret chocolate habit, head to Milan this autumn for an excitingly sweet experience. Four Seasons Hotel Milano has unveiled the new decor for its annual Chocolate Room – and this year, Pastry Chef Daniele Bonzi is paying tribute to Milan’s famous reputation for design with the creation of an art exhibition.

No less than one ton (2,200 pounds) of the finest Valrhona chocolate was used to create this new decor featuring geometric shapes, pop-culture and tape art elements as well as three-dimensional installations. There’s also  an interactive sound wave wall filled with chocolate desserts and a reproduction of the famous Needle, Thread and Knot statue by celebrated artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.

Pastry Chef Bonzi explained more behind the concept. “Besides fashion, Milan has also positioned itself as an important cradle for contemporary art and design, and you can clearly feel these influences when seeing the numerous art exhibitions in town, or by simply walking around the city or visiting the annual Furniture Fair. This is what has inspired me to create this multi-sensorial art experience. Just as all the paints and materials used in art, chocolate is a fabulous matter to work with, providing endless ways of use, with various natural tones and textures.”

A project first launched in 2007, this hand-decorated delicacy has previously taken the form of a Ratatouille-themed lounge, a chocolate factory and a tropical forest featuring jungle-inspired vegetation and exotic animals.

Those tempted to visit can do so during the traditional Sunday Brunch and it can also be booked for private events, chocolate tastings, breakfasts and afternoon breaks.

Located in a dramatically 15th century reborn convent, Four Seasons Hotel Milano is both stylish and sleek. Thanks to its position in the city’s bustling Fashion District, the Hotel allows an easy access to Milan’s historical quarter of Brera and the iconic Duomo, whist shopping opportunities are only moments away.

Every Sunday from 12:15 to 3:00 pm, EUR 85 per person (EUR 100 beverages included). Available now.