Experience Gastronomic Magic Courtesy Of Paco Roncero This Autumn

24 Sep 2018
2 min read

Edible enchantment awaits in Madrid this autumn. The two Michelin Star restaurant La Terraza del Casino has reopened with a new gastronomic offering from renowned avant-garde chef Paco Roncero, following a complete renovation.

The innovative concept turns dining into an unforgettable sensory experience, with the interior having been redefined by Jaime Hayon, one of the current leading figures in the world of design, and the exterior terrace the work of Julio Guixeres.

How to have the world served to you on a plate
Roncero promises “a new era full of magic, creativity and plenty” with the new unveiling. In this new era, details such as the bread service and the presentation of the sweet have evolved and take centre stage in a new way of understanding dining room service. Interaction with diners becomes the highlight – dinner here is all about the experience.

Both traditional and Roncero’s Spanish avant-garde cuisine, as well as the best international cuisines, are present on the menu of La Terraza del Casino. Major influences from all gastronomic cultures that come together to give dishes like American-style prawns (Gamba Americana), Curry Pilpil Kokotxa (Kokotxa al Pilpil de Curry) and John Dory à la Royale with Mole (Gallo a la Royal con Mole). Roncero’s creations represent the fusion of great classics of international cuisines, where the excellent raw material gets all the attention to produce a unique experience for the palate. La Terraza del Casino offers a platform for experimenting, a temple for cuisine, but also a place where interior design becomes an art.

One of the leading figures in Spanish avant-garde cuisine both in Spain and beyond, Paco’s renowned style offers a a technical and creative cutting-edge approach that is reflected not only in his style of cooking, but also in the way of offering and understanding gastronomy as a unique sensory experience.

He trained at the School of Hostelry and Tourism of Madrid and completed practical training stages in Zalacaín and in the Ritz Hotel until he joined NH Collection Casino de Madrid in 1991. Five years later he was appointed head chef of the banqueting department of that establishment and was promoted in 2000 to head chef of the Casino including management of banquets and La Terraza del Casino restaurant, by then also under the management of NH Hotel Group.

The result of masterly skill in the most highly-evolved culinary techniques, his vast creativity creates world-class cuisine for foodies from across the globe.

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