EXCLUSIVE: The Making of FOUR’s International and Germany Winter 2014 Covers

18 Nov 2014
2 min read
Take a sneak preview of FOUR’s up and coming International and German covers and read about how the illustrious food photographer René Riis created them…

We have an exclusive peek into FOUR’s exciting new magazine covers for the International and German editions. The culinary cover images were captured by acclaimed food photographer,René Riis.

Berlin-basedRené, is a specialist in food photography, having worked on more than twenty cooking and wine books and capturing world renowned chefs, like Noma’s René Redzepi and ‘Demonchef’, Alvin Leung. His love of takingrisks and challenges has led him to produce cutting-edge, beautiful, daring food images that are prefect for FOUR – The World’s Best Food Magazine.

How did the idea for these covers take shape?

Jakob Siegeris (Co-founder & Director at FOUR)came with the idea for the X-ray fish photo and AntiocoPiras (Co-founder & Director)had the idea for the jellyfish.We then discussed possible options for the photos and I tried to figure out how to put them into reality.

How did you prepare for the photo shoot?

For both covers I first of all did some research. The X-ray fish photo was the most difficult. I had to find a place where we could do the X-ray. A very helpful vet in Berlin had the right equipment and was ready to help. It was the first time that they had done anX-ray of a dead fish. The jellyfish photo was easier as I had the luck that the Berlin Zoo Aquarium are one of the leading places when it comesto jellyfish. They were also very helpful.

What techniques did you use for the shoot?

The X-ray fish photo is a mix of an X-ray and a normal photo. We had to shoot more X-rays of the fish because the bones are so delicate, and I needed the right contrast.It was not veryeasy to put together!The jellyfish cover left few options because to not disturb the jellyfish I was onlyallowed to use the ambient light in the aquarium. I had to do a lot of shots because they moved rather fast.Faster thanI imagined!

Have the images come out as you had envisaged?

They have come out almost better thanI imagined. With the X-ray fish the challenge was to integrate the X-ray part in the normal photo so that it made sense, and I had to work a little with the two parts, but in the end I am very happy with the result.The jellyfish photo was more difficult to plan in my head because the jellyfish just swim around andit’shard to predict when they turn or where they will go. In the end you cannot control it and that is a good thing. Unplanned things happen and sometimes they become much better than planned.

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