Evolution and Origin with Quique Dacosta

12 Feb 2018
2 min read
For the new season, Chef Dacosta draws inspiration from evolution and origin for the menu at his three Michelin-star restaurant in Denia, Spain.

The season is a new way of looking at the task of analyzing and researching the product and evolution in cuisine, based on a point of origin that is always in harmony and complicit with the territory, and especially with an innovative spirit

 The three Michelin-star chef Quique Dacosta is presenting Evolution and Origin, his new culinary offer for 2018, at his namesake restaurant in Denia. His offer reaffirms the complicity and harmony the chef feels for his territory, placing value on the product, and analyzing and seeking out a path of ancestral origin with an innovative spirit that he had highlighted last year as a roadmap with his prior offer: DNA, The search.

“Our new menu has old products and ancestral preparations that live alongside modernity, fantasy, our language and style,” stated the chef, who made an impact at Madrid Fusión last Monday in a crammed auditorium, dropping a few hints about what this new season will entail.

“With the work we’re doing with salt, we have preparations, such as salting or pickling, that already exist. But we have given them our perspective, a new code and personal feeling. We have researched and created, based on something of huge historical and anthropological weight, obtaining vastly different results,” said the chef, in reference to the culinary scene awaiting diners who go to Denia this year to enjoy a unique experience.

“Our cuisine is complicit with the wonderful local products, their seasonality, and with tradition acting as the support and basis for our creations; but all of this is just that, wonderful products, an incredible recipe book as a starting point, and an unequalled heritage. Now we’re building something new, truly magical and different,” guaranteed the chef before offering the first meal of the year.

In this regard, Dacosta is up against a definitive season on the path between “what we are and what we’re looking for.” “Expressing ourselves authentically and setting ourselves apart is a maxim. We want to seduce diners who come from all over the world, so they can experience a different offer.” Thus, this is a new challenge, where he once again seeks to “highlight the value of everything we represent.”