Facing the Antwerp skyline, the gourmet festival EUROPAs Beste brought together 30 Michelin star chefs, including DieterMüller, KarlheinzHauser and JohannaMaier, and vintners on the majestic MS EUROPA last night. Not only was there food and wine, but also a delectable selection of chocolatiers, fromagiers and patissiers catered for every last gourmet wish of each visitor.

For the ninth time this year, along the lido deck, they created a gourmet mile, along which they each cooked and presented their culinary creations, while chatting to and explaining their dishes to an eager audience.
The highlight of the evening consisted of three Michelin star chef Harald Wohlfahrt’s Confit of halibut on fragrant rice cream and pineapple-mango chutney, as well as Dieter Müllers Cappuccino of curry, lemongrass and lime with celery and perigord truffle.
The icecream makers from Giovanni L., the chocolate maker from Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon as well as Veronique Witzigmann, daughter of the Austrian three michelin star chef of the century, delivered divine sweet creations for dessert.
A spectacular firework just after sunset made for a stunning close, while the DJ and band played until the early hours. And for those still hungry, chef Stefan Wilke from MS EUROPA and his team had another gourmet surprise up their sleeves for themidnightsnack.