Considered by most to be the home of the world’s best tobacco, La Casa del Habano is a place where customers are provided with superlative service and advice by experts in the industry. The first store opened its doors in Cancún, Mexico in 1990, and since then, the brand has catapulted in success.

In the beginning, La Casa del Habano was created as a boutique specially dedicated to the sale of the renowned Habanos products under their 27 internationally-recognized labels, but over the years, the concept evolved and now in addition to selling Habanos products, the highly specialized stores offer a host of services and personalized guidance for anyone interested in discovering more about the products, their history and their culture.

Within the global network, each La Casa del Habano ensures the ideal conditions for Habanos connoisseurs to have access to their top quality, authentic Cuban cigars, no matter where in the world the store is located. The La Casa del Habano experience is one focused on customer satisfaction through care and superb service by the Habanos team. For added exclusivity, certain new Habanos products released annually can only be purchased in-store.

In commemoration of three decades of excellence at La Casa del Habanos, and 150 years of success for Habanos, S.A. ,the Juan López brand has launched Selección Especial, a selection of 25 different Habanos with unique characteristics and remarkable smoke. The special edition cigars are handmade by expert Cuban torcedores (cigar rollers) and feature meticulously selected wrappers, fillers and binder leaves sourced from vegas in the most prestigious area of Vuelta Abajo in Pinar del Río, Cuba. These cigars are for sale exclusively at the franchise network of La Casa del Habano boutiques.

Montecristo Herederos, one of the most recognize brands in the Habanos family, celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. In tribute, a new collection of Herederos vitola presented in a special box of 20 Habanos has been released, and is available exclusively at this chain of specialized La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialists stores.

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FOUR does not endorse the use of tobacco-based products. This article is intended only to convey information about the locations of La Casa del Habaonos stores globally. 

WARNING: Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes. Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers.