In the wake of the closure of elBulli restaurant, the prestigious auction house, Sotheby’s, has announced the much anticipated auction of the 3 Michelin star restaurant’s bespoke wine cellar. During its service which ended in 2011, restaurant elBulli was described as one of the most imaginative generators ofhaute cuisine on the planet . The first of two auctions took place today, 3 April 2013, in Hong Kong and the second will take place later on this month on 26 April 2013 in New York.

The auctions offer wines from the cellar of the celebrated Catalan restaurant and a few select items, such as a signed chef jacket by chef Ferran AdriàEst. $1,000/HK$8,000, a collection of unique corrugated traysEst. $250/HK$2,000 per itemand a set of elBulli knivesEst. $1,000/HK$8,000. Founded over 50 years ago in 1961, elBulli was led by Ferran Adrià for the last 27 years.

Domaine de la Grange des Peres Rouge ’01

Est. $600/800 (12 bottles)

Domaine Cheze St. Joseph Cuvée Prestige de Caroline ’99

Est. $50/100 (6 magnums)

Les Laquets Cahors ’00

Est. $200/300 (12 bottles)

The chef himself has said: “The elBulliCellar comprises an exceptional and unique collection of wines, that was created and developed by Juli Soler and the elBulli sommelier team – Agustí Peris, Eloi Sànchez, Isabelle Brunet, Lucas Payà, David Seijas and Ferran Centelles. Due the transformation of elBulli, from a restaurant to a Foundation, we decided this very special and personal collection should be used to make a founding contribution to help ensure the successful launch of the elBulliFoundation.

Many remember the extraordinary taste experience of chef Ferran Adrià and commenting on his own encounter, Serena Sutcliffe M.W., Head of International Wine Department at Sotheby’s said: “Those of us lucky enough to have dined at elBulli will never forget the extraordinary sensations laid before us. There was both an explosive genius about the food and a calm, professional way in which it was delivered, so that one could discover with awe all the secrets of smoke, foam and spheres of liquid involving melon to olives. There was surprise, delight and elation in every dish, a seamless procession of magic that opened up before one’s eyes, only to disappear in a moment of bliss! The extra ingredient in these meals was the intuitive pairing of these creations with the enticing, and phenomenally interesting, wine list. We are delighted to be able to bring these wines to auction so collectors all over the world can share the enchantment of elBulli.”

Under the leadership of Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler, the cutting edge gastronomy of elBulli is recognized as having changed culinary history by reworking ingredients into new forms and combinations. It was feted with awards including topping the Restaurant Magazine list of the world’s 50 best restaurants five times, with Adrià frequently named the world’s greatest chef.

Since closing in July 2011 elBulli is transforming to become the elBulliFoundation, an experimental centre looking at the process of innovation and creativity and sharing the results via the new website Bullipedia.

ImagesCourtesy Sotheby’s