From chocolate to apple pie, smoked bacon or even lobster, the Edible Mist Machine produces delicious edible mist in a range of over 200 flavours.Created by the award winning experimental food inventors Lick Me I’m Delicious, the machine uses ultrasonic vaporisation to create a microscopic mist which you suck up through a straw to get an instant flavour hit.

The company’s founder Charlie says‘it’s a pretty fun machine, the range of flavours is massive and we can also produce you a personalised mist from pretty much anything in the world like your favourite book or even your hair.And it’s zero calories.’

Charlie is the founder of experimental events company Lick Me I’m Delicious, home of the liquid nitrogen ice cream buggy, ice cream pottery gramophone wheel, instant lollipop maker, soup washing machine and birthplace of the world’s first glow in the dark ice cream which glows as you lick it.

The Edible Mist Machines are available for hire through the company.‘It’s interesting to see how clients are using them’, Charlie said. ‘We’ve had bookings for minty palate cleansers, double flavour hits; strawberries and cream, bacon and chocolate and then clients who want to completely flavour theme their event with multiple funfair flavours like cotton candy, toffee apple and popcorn’.

Other food inventionsthat Lick Me I’m Delicious arecurrently developing include a levitating cocktail machine and a jellybean waterfall.

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