Dutch Courage, Indonesian Spirit

11 Dec 2019
2 min read
Bobby’s Dry Gin is a Dutch Gin with Indonesian roots. Using a harmonious blend of botanicals, sixth-generation master distiller Dick Jansen and Bobby’s Dry Gin founder Sebastiaan van Bokkel create a spicy and fragrant spirit that delights the palate with distinct herbaceous notes and bursts of citrus, rounded off with a delicate hum of pepper.

Founded in 2014 by Sebastiaan van Bokkel in honor of  his grandfather, Jacobus (Bobby) Alfons, Bobby’s Dry Gin focuses on the creation of a dry gin with eight distinct botanicals of Asian and European descent, namely coriander seed, pepper, juniper, lemongrass, fennel, rose hip, cinnamon and cloves – as inspired by his grandfather’s recipe.

Derived from Jacobus’ Moluccan heritage, where spirits were commonly infused with herbs for easy drinking, Bobby’s Dry Gin recipe results in an unusually spicy flavor and smooth finish. With its unique tasting notes and well-balanced flavour, it comes as no surprise that Bobby’s Dry Gin is the current market leader in Dutch Gin brands, and is also now distributed in 49 countries around the globe. Internationally, it is especially popular in Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The recipe took two years of continuous tweaking before it was mastered. Using exotic herbs sent from family members in the Maluku Islands proved to be a challenging affair, yet after 63 attempts, the perfect combination was finally found. The fine gin is produced from separately distilled botanicals with zero additives, sugars or extractions.

Bobby’s Dry Gin’s modern interpretation of this agelessly classic spirit is not only reflected in its recipe, but also in its fresh and captivating packaging. The bottle’s design is, like the gin itself, rooted in a blend of Asian and European culture. The white Ikat pattern is a traditional Indonesian motif while the bottle’s shape takes after the “jenever kruik”, a classic Dutch Jenever bottle.

In celebration of their 5-year anniversary, Bobby’s Gin also launched a Special Edition Bobby’s Gin-Jenever in collaboration with Notaris Jenever. The 5-year single cask special edition gin is a 1:4 blend of Notaris Gin and Bobby’s Dry Gin. After blending, the gin is aged in barrels for 6 months, resulting in a smooth, subtle-tasting spirit with characteristic juniper and orange notes and undertones of soft vanilla and caramel. The Special Edition is a limited release, with only 1000 bottles available to purchase.

To find out more, visit Bobby’s Dry Gin’s website


Photography: Titia Hahne