At FOUR, we love hearing about chefs breaking the boundaries of cooking to bring us new and exciting flavours, but news of the Dutch chip shop which is endeavouring to bring its diners cannabis mayonnaise takes the concept of avant-garde gastronomy to a ‘high’er level.

Fortunately, however, it’s only culinary boundaries that the new sauce is breaking and not official law-abiding ones. Although, in Amsterdam that wouldn’t be much of a problem; unlike the cannabis which is sold legally in Dutch coffee shops,Manneken Pis chip shop chain owner Albert van Beeksays, the mayonnaise will contain none of the active ingredient THC, so diners can carry on chomping safe in the knowledge that they’ll leave without any added effects, other than with satisfied stomachs and taste buds, after having tasted the unusual condiment.

Albert van Beeksays that “It’s just about the taste. We specialise in sauces and we constantly want to diversify.”

With that aspirational attitude, it can’t be long until we see van Beekand Manneken Pis making an entry on the Michelin Guide. Can it?