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27 Aug 2015
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Born on something of a whim, Portobello Road Gin has quickly established itself as a favourite amongst connoisseur consumers, bartenders and gin fans across the globe. Now they have created a series of cocktails made from unusual garden ingredients and garnishes that explore and experiment with surprisingly delicious flavours such as baby carrots, radishes, and gooseberries.

“The idea is to treat your garden like your fridge. The adventurous home bartender can grab a large red wine glass, plenty of ice, a generous measure of Portobello Road Gin, a decent tonic and head to your vegetable patch for ingredients and garnishes that you normally might notconsider.We chose ingredients that compliment but don’t overwhelm the flavours of the gin or the tonic. These might not be the first flavours you’d think to use but we think they work really well.”

The Good LifeCopa

Made with dextrosethe easiest sugar for the body to metabolise, grape seed extractwhich is a great source of anti-oxidants, and superfoods gooseberry and pomegranate.


50mlPortobello Road Gin

200mlhigh mineral content sparkling water

Pinch grape seed extract

Teaspoon of powdereddextrose

A couple of frozen gooseberries

Pomegranate pieces

A large twist of your choice of citrus

Rose petals

Glassful of ice

Red wine glass


Place the ice into a large red wine glass. Stir the dextrose, the grapes extract and the gin to create a smooth paste.Add the ice, pomegranate and the frozen gooseberries and top with sparkling mineral water then finally drop in a few rose petals. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Find out more about Portobello gin here |www.portobelloroadgin.com