Drink your garden | The English Garden

03 Sep 2015
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Try and experiment with one of Portobello Road Gin’s newest cocktail recipes, that makes use of your vegetable patch fare, whilst also complimenting the gin’s unique and fresh botanicals.

“The idea is to treat your garden like your fridge. The adventurous home bartender can grab a large red wine glass, plenty of ice, a generous measure of Portobello Road Gin, a decent tonic and head to your vegetable patch for ingredients and garnishes that you normally might notconsider.We chose ingredients that compliment but don’t overwhelm the flavours of the gin or the tonic. These might not be the first flavours you’d think to use but we think they work really well.”

The English Garden

Summery, savoury and eleganteverything an English inspired Copa should be.


50ml Portobello Road Gin

200ml Tonic water

25ml Radish and red chicory juice made from around 10 radishes and 4 leaves of red chicory

1 radishcut into thin slices


Lavender sprig

Glassful of ice

Red wine glass


Place the ice into a large red wine glass.Take the radishes and red chicory and extract the juice using a juicer.Pourthe juice over the ice then slowly add the gin and the tonic, give it a gentle stir and garnish with sliced radishes, a rosemarysprig,lavenderand a sprinkle of juniper berries.

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