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21 Mar 2015
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We learn more about Jasmine Blossom, a handcrafted green tea scented with fresh jasmine flowers…

Jasmine Blossom Green Tea is made by tying silvery green tea buds of Da Bai tea trees in Fuding, Fujian Province in China with Thousand Day Red (Gomphrena globosa) and Lily flowers with a cotton thread and shaped into a ball.

The balls are then scented six times with fresh jasmine flowers. When jasmine flowers bloom, they emit a flowery aroma that will be absorbed by the tea balls. The scenting will be done throughout the night, the jasmine flowers will wilt and be blown away. The tea balls undergo six roundsof scenting. But why sixtimes? A good Jasmine green tea should achieve a balance of jasmine fragrance and green tea flavour. If it’s scented only once or twice, the fragrance will diminish very quickly. Six times of scenting ensures the balance of fragrance and taste for repeated brews of the same ball.

The way to drink it is also worth mentioning. Usually Chinese teas are brewed in a teapot or a Gaiwan. However, MingChahave invented a way to drink it with style – brewing Jasmine Blossom in a cocktail glass is stunning as the tea ball will slowly open into a flower-like form in the water. One can sniff the jasmine fragrance while slurping the tea. A great tea to serve as a starter in a meal. It is flowery and sweet in smell, gentle and soothing in taste. It is also said to be anti-ageing.Why wait? Serve yourself a Jasmine Blossom martini now!

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