Discover Paris’ Most Stylish Summer Dining Spot

06 Jun 2018
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Fine dining fans, pay a visit to Apicius in Paris this summer for a charming and feel-good restaurant that ‘loves to entertain.’ 

Meet Apicius. Nestled in the bustling heart of Paris, just off the Champs-Elysées, this chic restaurant brings a slice of country life to the thriving Parisian streets.

Initially opened by Jean-Pierre Vigato in the 2000’s, the venue has been recently taken over by Laurent de Gourcuff and Mathieu Pacaud. Their aim is simple – bring happiness to diners and their plates.

The edible experience begins with the garden. Long-forgotten, it has now been transformed into a haven of countryside charm with chic, guinguette-style. Inside, gentle beauty awaits in the modern bar, large dining room and cosy lounges, with a perfect balance of grand siècle immensity and contemporary twists.

Chef Mathieu Pacaud is at the helm of the culinary front, bringing versatile, feel-good, farm-to-fork food, both raw and cooked. Pacaud has established a robust menu, injecting classics with new magic, and honouring the magic of fine dining, French style and the prestige of his ingredients with a modern slant.

Far less than an added afterthought, the bar is set to play a central part to the restaurant. It will transform as the day goes on, providing a place for post-work drink until the evening partygoers come back for another nightcap.

Stylish and contemporary, Apicius is a place which loves to entertain. Whether you’re pitstopping for a drink or popping in for a full-on feast, all are welcome to the vitality and vigor of 20 Rue d’Artois.

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