It would be a huge understatement to describe Kristian Brask Thomsen’s epic dinner parties, ‘Dining Impossible’, as not-to-be-missed. Also, largely ironic, as apart from the handful of lucky gourmet aficionados who are able to purchase one of the 16 exclusive tickets which sell out in a matter of minutes, attending is quite an unlikely outcome.

Their exclusivity, however, is only one of the reasons that makes them so special. They always boast the most tantalising menus, curated by the world’s leading chefs, and come paired with more premium bubbly than you could shake a champagne sabre at!

Now in its fifth edition, Dining Impossible 5 returns to Barcelona in northern Spain to host the ultimate dining experience featuring the Roca Brothers, Ferran and Albert Adrià and one to watch brain child of ABaC – chef Jordi Cruz. All set over three days – Thursday 28 November, Friday 29November and Saturday 30 November – thethree dinner parties will culminate in the mother of all parties, located on the 26thfloor of Barcelona’s W Hotel in itsüber-exclusiveEclipse club where guests will be showered with cocktails, delicious beats and even more champagne.

Back in August, Dining Impossible 4 took place in Kristian’s native land, Denmark, and featured a host of the world’s most influential chefs, curating and cooking exceptional menus for 16 lucky guests. The venues hosting dinner parties over the three-day epicurean extravaganza included Noma, home of René Redzepi and the cradle of New Nordic Cuisine, Bocuse d’Or Legend Rasmus Kofoed’sGeranium and AOC – domaine of Søren Selin – otherwise known as the ‘critics’ darling’.

Celebrating Spain’s and, more specifically Catalyuna’s reemergence as the globe’s culinary hotspot since El Cellar de Can Roca took the crown as world’s No.1 restaurant (San Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurants) back in April, Dining Impossible 5 will take place in three of northern Spain’s most coveted dining venues: Jordi Cruz’s ABaC, the Roca Brother’s El Cellar de Can Roca and Ferran and Albert Adrià’s 41°.

The first dinner is to be held at restaurant ABaC. With two Michelin stars, ABaC has already been awarded the ‘The Best Restaurant of Catalonia’ while its head chef, Jordi Cruz, was awarded his first star at the age of 24 and still holds the title for the second youngest person to receive one.

The second will take place at El Celler de Can Roca; impossible to get a reservation, and voted the best restaurant in the world. The Roca Brothers – Joan, the head chef, Jordi, in charge of desserts and Josep,the sommelier – will be treating guests to a menu that promises Catalan ingredients and the propensity to titillate your memory as well as your mouth, with its traditional yet playful flavour combinations.

Lastly, but by no means least, brothers Ferran (previously at word-renowned elBulli restaurant) and Albert Adrià will bring the gustation to aclose at one of their latest ventures together – restaurant 41°.

True to its covert style, the guest list remains a secret as well as the menu and wines. Even the price tag for a ticket is confidential (although rumors are they’re set somewhere between £1,500 – £1650 per cover), only discoverable upon request by emailing Kristian Brask Thomsen directly