DESIRE by Sergio Herman

07 Jul 2014
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We give you exclusive snippets from DESIRE – the limited edition sell-out book by Chef Herman – and Sergio’s interviews with Mara Grimm after service…

10.7.13 | 2.30 pm

In the kitchen.


The biggest kick of cooking? That suddenly it’s there: the idea for a new dish. That is such a great feeling! That you think: this is going to be special, this is going to be worth it… Then the brain chemicals kick in… And the good thing is: no matter how many dishes you’ve created, that feeling never diminishes.

Then the real job begins: you have to develop the dish, write it down, reduce it to its essence. Ensure that it turns out exactly the way you want it, don’t settle for anything less, don’t compromise. When you’ve arrived at that point, when you’ve chosen or had the right china made, when all the elements are just right – that’s a very happy moment, you know. That’s when I can go home with an absolute sense of satisfaction. That’s what gives me the courage and the strength to give my all, to propagate the profession and share it with others. That’s when I’ve got down to the essence of it all. That’s when I know: this is why I live like this.

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The bad news: the book was sold out 24 hours after the release.

The good news: there will be a re-edition of the small book (the one with all the interviews), which will be released mid august in both Dutch and English.