Cooking Up A Tribute | A Film Trailer

27 Jan 2015
2 min read
“You never know what will happen with the next spoonful”.

‘Cooking Up a Tribute,’ produced by BBVA, is an epicurean film in which brothers Joan,Josep and Jordi Roca, owners of restaurant, aware of the continuing need to introduce their cuisine to the world and in their ongoing pursuit of innovation, make an unprecedented decision in the world of haute cuisine: to close their restaurant for five weeks and go on a road tour.

The documentary-type film, directed byLuis GonzalezandAndrea Gomez, recounts a tour that was organized with the conviction that cuisine and gastronomy are a driving force behind social and economic development. With emphasis on social dimension and sharing the principles of commitment, responsibility and global reach, the Roca brothers also searched for the best ingredients in each region and the local producers provide them.

This tour was an unprecedented experience that last summer traveled to six cities (Houston,Dallas,Mexico City,Monterrey,BogotaandLima) in four countries in the Americas to prepare nearly 50,000 dishes for more than 2,700 people. Up to 56 new and different dishes were created and adapted to Texan, Mexican, Colombian and Peruvian cuisine. Some 200 ingredients and 29 wines were used for each menu in each country.

In addition, the Roca brothers trained more than 7,000 cooking students and selected 13 of them to receive a training scholarship at the kitchen of El Celler de Can Roca in Girona,Spain.

‘Cooking Up a Tribute’ is the latest and most daring venture of Joan,Josep and Jordi Roca. The trio has always understood that together they can always achieve more, forging new paths for cuisine through a commitment to innovation without forgetting their origins, territory and roots. The three brothers are the soul of El Celler de Can Roca, a restaurant with three Michelin stars and recognized in 2013 as the best restaurant in the world. It currently stands as No. 2 in ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Guide 2014.’