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13 Oct 2017
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Combine literary pleasure with a collection of delicious cocktails at Lemuel’s bar at the Conrad Dublin. Named after the famous Lemuel Gulliver (a pseudonym of Irish author Jonathan Swift), Lemuel’s takes in uence from the fabled Gulliver’s Travels, with new world wines and an innovative collection of cocktails. Much like Gulliver’s stories, Lemuel’s cocktails will leave you spellbound.

Writer’s Block

“Sometimes it happens to the best of us, no matter what you try you can’t seem to finish writing that text, email, novel, newspaper column, even the inspiration behind a cocktail.”



50ml Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey

15ml homemade stout syrup

2 dashes Adam Elmegirab’s Spanish bitters

Stout Syrup


Stout Syrup: Take a chocolate flavoured stout (we used Buried at Sea) and mix 2 parts stout with 1-part sugar. Stir to remove all the gas from the stout. Bottle and keep refrigerated. Syrup will hold for 3 weeks.



Pour ingredients into a mixing glass, fill the mixing glass with ice and stir. Pour the ingredients from the mixing glass into a mini-glass bottle and place the bottle into a hollowed out book. Serve with an old-fashioned glass with a large ice ball and an orange zest.