Chicago with Chef Charles Webb

20 Feb 2015
2 min read
With over 2 decades of epicurean and international exploration behind him, culinary globetrotter Chef Charles Webb gives you a guided tour of his Chicago.

Charles Webb’s Culinary career has been sharply molded by his travels and life experiences. His love of cooking began as a child when he had to cook for himself while his mother (single family) worked full time to support him. His mother believed all food should be made from scratch and refused to buy processed foods, forcing Charles to learn how to cook and eat healthy.

As a young adult, he traveled throughout Europe and South America, living and working in food and beverage in Brazil, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain, and New York City. He embraced all of the culinary techniques and flavors at each spot along the way, as well as mastered Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

A night of gourmet treats by Chef Charles Webb is a great surprise gift! He will bring his culinary skills to your home or venue of choice and do all of the shopping, cooking, and cleaning for your gathering. On top of that, he has a few stories to share and continues to rack them up as he travels quite a bit cooking around the globe. A perfect gift for those who love gourmet food from around the world, and love to share it with their friends, family, and colleagues in their venue of choice.


Nando Milano(Italian) -Authentic Northern Italian fare by an amazing Italian staff. I feel like I am being transported to Italy for a night when I go.

Longman & Eagle(Modern & Local) -Longman & Eagle never disappoints. The food is amazing and the services/ atmosphere is always great.

Trellis (Comfort) -This spot reminds me of being in Barcelona which it’s modeled after both design and the menu.

Las Asadas (Tacos) -Hands down, the BEST Barbacoa tacos.


Charleston Bar(Cocktails) -This bar is intimate and a cool space. It’s nestled in Bucktown – drinks are well crafted and the music playlist keeps you guessing which song is going to play next.

Mercat ala Planxa(Wine)

Lone Wolf(Drinks) -Whatever my friend Tony will make me, I will order up! He is the best mixologist in town!

Aquanaut Brewery (Beer) -Aquanaut brewery is a local brewery that I love.

Bow Truss Coffee(Coffee shop) -It’s not so close to myhousebut I make a point to go there a couple times a week. Coffee geeks that take serious pride in what they do and how they do it.


Green City Market(Food) – A great outdoor market for fresh food in the summer.

Sebastian Gray(Custom Clothes) -The fabrics they use are the best which makes for an amazingly crafted work of art and fashion.

Plum Market (Grocery) – Sinceoutdoor markets aren’t year round here in the Windy City, Plum Market is great for fresh produce and food


Hamsa Ayurveda (Indian medicine and massage) -My idea of a Sunday Funday is at Hamsa Ayurveda.

Holstein Park(Perspective) -Holstein Park is close to my house and it’s a park I go to that is tucked away from the fast paced life of Chicago.