Chic & Unique Vintage Cakes

01 Sep 2013
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Love cakes? You’ll love this new book by cake connoisseur, Zoe Clark, which covers 30 modern cake designs, taken from vintage inspirations

The latest book by cake connoisseur Zoe Clark, Chic & Unique Vintage Cakes, is a delicious homage to classic vintage styles, from the flapper dress of the Charleston era through to 1950’s big skirts and tight bodices.

In the Introduction to her latest book, Zoe Clark describes how ‘vintage’ has become highly popularised, creating a need for the know-how on decorating cakes in a vintage fashion.

Cue her comprehensive guide to creating vintage-style cakes: Chic & Unique Vintage Cakes. The book covers 30 modern cake designs taken from vintage inspirations and beautifully presented across 128 pages, with sections enititled: Dusky Lace Dream, which comprises of a three-tiered cake “dressed” in a similar design to the lacy gown Kate Middleton donned on her wedding day; Vintage Jewels, detailing how to make a classic jewellery box shaped cake, with all the trimmings from cameo and brooches cookies to edible pearls, earrings, necklaces and butterfly hairpins; Designer Art Deco; Beautiful Hatboxes; Traditional Telephones; The Charleston; Antique Timepieces and Fifties Dress.

The book also includes a helpful section on Tools & Equipment and provides a selection of templates and information on where to download more.

David & Charles, £19.99. Available on Amazon