Chefs Night

15 Mar 2015
2 min read
An evening of innovation, culinary delights and breathtaking views – the Chefs Night in Hamburg was a night to remember.

High above the roofs of Hamburg, on the 23rd floor of the Emporio, a group of Germany’s top chefs competed with the stunning view… and won.

The occasion was the Chefs Night, where chefs from the jury of the prominent Chef of the Year contest featured some of their most outstanding and innovative creations. Easily the highlight of the evening, and one where guests took their time to queue the most, was Thomas Bühner’s humorously constructed dessert, the Fluffy Duck (pictured)…

Thomas Bühner, three-Michelin-starred chef of restaurant la vie in Osnabrück, presented three dishes:
  • Potato foam hot/cold with pumpkin-curry-ice cream
  • Braised beef cheek, pepper crème and aubergine caviar
  • “Fluffy Duck” – gin sorbet and peach

Heiko Antoniewicz, who is one of Germany’s most famous cook book authors and who runs his own catering business, cook academy and consulting business,presented two dishes:
  • Shellfish, Bak Kut Teh brew, green beans and chilli
  • Venison, olives, celery and pepper

Sebastian Frank of Michelin-starred restaurant Horwáth in Berlin presented the following dishes:
  • Mushroom with sour cream, parsley root and roast onion
  • Chicorée, blackberry-smoked malt, estragon and celery

Oliver Scheiblauer, executive chef at Adventure Catering in Vienna, presented these two dishes:
  • Roast pork, cabbage, dumplings
  • Steak “Zwerchspitz”, brown onion stock, edamame

Images © Ann-Christin Baßin