Chef Ricardo Chaneton Opens New Restaurant in Hong Kong

15 Jan 2020
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Chef Ricardo Chaneton, former Head Chef of 3-Michelin-starred Mirazur, helms the new contemporary French restaurant, Mono, in partnership with award-winning hospitality firm JIA Group. Mono opened its doors in early January and is located in Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based hospitality firm JIA Group by Yenn Wong has announced the opening of MONO, its latest restaurant co-venture with Chef Ricardo Chaneton, formerly the Head Chef of 3-Michelin-starred Restaurant Mirazur (no.1, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019). MONO is now serving a contemporary take on French cuisine on On Lan Street, Central, and invites discerning guests to experience a singular, ingredients-driven tasting menu.

Set within an intimate 30-seater space with a chef’s counter, guests can enjoy their meal while watching Chef Ricardo and his talented kitchen team dishing out the plates. MONO discards the traditional a la carte menu format for a MONO (single) tasting menu for the best curated experience, and will serve a smaller tasting menu for weekday lunch. MONO takes on a highly essentialist approach, celebrating the beauty of seasonal ingredients in a modern setting.

MONO is passionate about doing its part in helping Mother Earth and has teamed up with ZeroFoodprint, an international non-profit organization committed to fighting climate change. In support of this initiative, a 3% carbon tax will be added to all bills.

The MONO Tasting Menu Experience

MONO’s contemporary French tasting menu uses only the finest seasonal ingredients on the market, with a focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing. The accompanying wine menu highlights exquisite hand-picked selections from the Burgundy and Bordeaux regions of France, promising a sublime wine-pairing experience.

The menu showcases Chef Ricardo’s special aptitude for contrasting unusual textures and flavours, resulting in contemporary dishes with a strong foundation in tradition. The seasonally-evolving menu is priced at HK$520* for 4 courses and HK$1080* for a 7-course lunch, and HK$1,280* for the 8 to 10 courses dinner tasting menu.

With an extensive background in classical French training, Chef Ricardo was most recently the Executive Chef of Petrus at Island Shangri-La. Prior to his four-year stint in Hong Kong, Ricardo spent several formative years training under visionary chef Mauro Colagreco at 3-Michelin-starred Mirazur in France, as well as under chef Quique Dacosta at his eponymous 3-Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain. Chef Ricardo brings a wealth of expertise to his first restaurant venture, MONO, showcasing his experiences, multi-ethnic background and personal nuances within a single tasting menu.

Signature dishes at MONO include the Ocean Crudo, a seafood appetiser that highlights fresh Hokkaido scallops, Hokkaido sea urchin, Spanish Carabinero prawn and Brittany oysters, seasoned with Irish moss, Chinese celery, ginger and a vinaigrette of fresh lime juice, Arbequina olive oil and crème of shallots. The homemade cracker is made through a two-day process of peeling, steaming and drying the shrimp shells, reducing the shells down to powder, then blending with sago and tapioca before deep-frying in oil.

Baked in house everyday, the Quinoa bread is a sourdough bread made from a 2-month mother dough and 3 types of quinoa (white, black and red), served with one of the finest olive oil in the world – the artisan Eva Aguilera extra-virgin olive oil from Catalunya. The olive oil, of which only 900 litres are produced per year, uses premium handpicked organic Arbequina olives harvested during the full moon in early November to ensure its purity and clean taste.

The signature Monkbread fuses monkfish from Brittany with French sweetbread – a marriage of land and sea. The two proteins, while seemingly unrelated, are both highly featured in French cuisine and can be prepared at the same temperature using the same cooking method. Chef Ricardo has skillfully combined the two together on a single plate, showcasing the texture of monkfish and sweetbread in perfect harmony.  The dish is served with sweetbread crumbles, monkfish skin, monkfish jus and Jerusalem artichoke puree finished with hints of vanilla.

A dish where Chef Ricardo’s solid French culinary skills meet his Latin American origin, Mieral pigeon / Mole makes beautiful use of a whole Miéral pigeon from Bresse, a region in France famous for its poultry. The pigeon is aged in-house for five days, roasted on the bone and served mid-rare with its liver mousse ‘bonbon’. The base of the modern Mexican-style mole sauce is created with 26 spices at MONO, made to serve in front of guests at the chef’s counter for a rustic showcase.

The signature desserts feature Carupano 70% / Olive oil, an earthy 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs, burnt white chocolate, Arbequina olive oil and rosemary ice cream, topped with rosemary flowers and a ‘veil’ made from flour, cacao powder, milk and egg.

Serving as a testament to fine craftsmanship, MONO’s tasting menu surprises and delights while staying true to the chef’s roots. The dishes will continue to change to incorporate the best seasonal ingredients and inspirations, bringing a new experience with every visit.

MONO Wine List

MONO’s wine list highlights over 100 labels with a strong focus on fine wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, alongside a smaller selection of Latin American gems included in the wine pairing menu for dedicated wine lovers. A selection of 20 wines by the glass including champagne, red and white wines are also available.

From Bordeaux, choices by the bottle include the exquisite 1986 Chateau Palmer 3eme Grand Cru Classe (HK$4,800) from Margaux, all the way to the rare 100% Merlot blend 1970 Chateau Petrus (HK$33,500), from the heart of the Pomerol appellation. Burgundy Red selections by the bottle include the full, rich and medium-bodied 2008 Vosne Malconsorts (HK$7,880) from Domaine Dujac, and the beautifully mature and complex 1996 Chambertin Grand Cru Armand Rousseau (HK$23,880).

Interior Design of MONO

MONO’s design embodies the chef’s culinary philosophy, boasting sleek contemporary flourishes that uplift traditional restaurant and kitchen elements. Upon entering MONO, guests will arrive at the entrance foyer finished in floor-to-ceiling dark leather, flanked by a pair of vintage brass brushed satin glass wall sconces produced by Stilnovo in the 1950’s. From here, the kitchen with large stainless steel chef’s counter catches the eye. Designer Alan Lo describes the intent of the design as to draw attention to the chef’s table, the heart and soul of the house and where customers are able to fully immerse themselves in the MONO experience. Reflecting the chef’s focus on intricate details, the various materials used to create the space include hand-made marble and terrazzo for the floors, as well as special claddings made of recycled wool.

Adjacent to the chef’s counter are two private dining rooms, which can be combined into one large space that seats up to 20 guests, featuring decorative lights by Michael Anastassides, dining chairs by Jason Miller and a bespoke carpet designed by Omar Khan. Artworks that adorn the walls explores the encounter between natural and industrial materials. Featured at MONO is an oil paint and wood piece by Japanese sculptor Kishio Suga, a prominent member of the MONO-HA art movement of the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

MONO by JIA Group is now open on 5/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, serving lunch from Monday – Friday, and dinner from Monday – Saturday only.

MONO Contact Information 

Address – 5/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong
T: +852-2506 8676
Instagram: @MonoHKG @RChaneton @JIAGroup