Champagne award for love of life, 2014

03 Mar 2014
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On Monday 3 March, the Champagne award for love of life was presented at the prestigious Hotel Louis C Jacob in Hamburg…

German actor, audio book narrator and artist Axel Milberg was awarded the Champagne award for love of life (Lebensfreude) 2014. As a master of nuance, a big personality and with the talent to live life to the fullest, he enriches the cultural life in Germany in a special, joyous way, according to the jury, making the 57-year-old the sixteenth award-winner.

The evening’s entertainment included a champagne aperitif, a champagne gala dinner by Louis C Jacob’s two Michelin star chef Thomas Martin, the award ceremony for the Champagne award for love of life, table changes with the second part of the Champagne gala dinner and the finale in the salon.

The prize should have been awarded to the legendary actor and filmmaker Maximilian Schell this year. However, when the jury learned of his illness in the middle of January, it was agreed with Mr Schell to move the ceremony to next year. It was a blow to the organisers to learn of the death of Maximilian Schell To our deep regret we received last weekend of the death of Maximilian Schell on 1 February.

The jury made the decision to go ahead with the award ceremony this year and there honour Mr Schell’s intended wishes.

The Comité Champagne promotes the work of Champagne winemakers. In the Champagne wine region, about 15,700 Champagne growers work on nearly 90% of the whole growing region.

Image: Axel und Judith Milberg with Christian Josephi (left, President of theComité Champagne in Germany and Austria)and Thibaut Le Mailloux (right, Director of Communication Comité Champagne)

© Axel Kirchhof