Celebrating Seaweed: The Black Gold of the Sea

25 Feb 2015
< 1 min read
In Brittany, France seaweed gathering dates back to Neolithic times and holds a prominent place in the history of the coastal people. Watch as present day Bretons celebrate this rich tradition.

It’s possible that you don’t think of seaweed and France in the same sentence, but in fact there is a long tradition of gathering seaweed in Brittany. From it’s use as a medicine to it’s expanding culinary uses, seaweed is still finding its place in the world’s gastronomic scene. Apart from Japan, where seaweed is consumed with great passion, those in other countries, especially in Europe, might struggle to find great uses for it.

But apart from the uses of seaweed, this story is about those who still gather seaweed along the coast in Brittany. Once a great number of families were part of this industry, which has slowly declined. Now, only a handfull of harvesters are left and with them there are great stories, memories and knowledge to share. Take a look at this great video from Foodie Originals.

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