From wine tastings to fine-dining dinners and culinary demonstrations, this weekend sees the Cayman Islands’ Ritz-Carlton become the perfect backdrop to a epicurean extravaganza. Guests can indulge in a roster of world renowned chefs, and wine and spirits experts, offering tours, demonstrations and tastings to celebrate the culinary delights that the islands have to offer.

Chefs taking part include French-born three Michelin-starred chef, , Spanish gastronome chef and US-based chef, . Between them, they will host barefoot BBQs and dinner parties and demonstrations throughout the course of the four day event.

Complementing the exceptional food, the Cayman Cookout delivers exquisite wine and spirits. Experts, such as Claude Blakiet, Ray Isle and Christopher Carpenter will host wine fairs, tastings and impart their knowledge at dinner parties.

With events called ‘Burgers in Paradise’ and ‘Argentinean Soul, Italian Style’, the Cayman Cookout is an hedonistic affair to be reckoned with. Find out more about the event here.