A giant, two and a half foot, lobster was pulled from the sea off the Dorset coast last week. However, this giant crustacean has found his happy ending – so large is the lobster that he’s been saved from the knife and will be thrown back to sea, avoiding ending up on a dinner plate.

It is estimated that a lobster of this size will be around 60-years-old and, therefore, not so tasty.

‘Lobby’, as he’s been nicknamed by locals, has now checked into the Lyme Regis Aquarium for the summer, before he’ll head back to the open waters later this year.

Max Gollop, owner of the Lyme Regis Aquarium said: “’Fishermen get paid for the weight when selling lobsters but over a certain limit that doesn’t apply because the meat is too tough.”

Lobby the giant lobster shows off his awesome claws as he is seen crushing a can of coke. The massive crustacean was caught in Lyme Bay off the Dorset coast by local fishermen. However, because a lobster this size and decades old would not be very tasty to eat, he will be spending the summer at the Lyme Regis Aquarium before being returned to the ocean late this year. Aquarium owner Max Gollop comments: “The kids are in awe of him”.