The Ritz Carlton in Abu Dhabi has hired a mixologist to work exclusively with camel milk.

Milk in cocktails can be controversial at the best of times.Add to that the fact that it came from a camel and you might find your customers reaching for an ever-reliable Cosmopolitan instead.

Yet in Abu Dhabi, camel milk is increasingly popular owing to the health benefits of this protein-rich product.So much so that the Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi, has hired a mixologist to work exclusively with camel milk.

Mohammad Daoud, the camel milk mixologist, infuses fresh ingredients with locally-sourced camel milk to produce flavours from sweet strawberry to refreshing mint.He is also working on camel milk pairings to accompany food and creates unique blends to suit individual guests’ tastes.

The appointment of Daoud comes at the start of Ramadan.“Because camel milk has a high level of protein and additional nutrients” says Daoud, “it’s an excellent beverage to consume during Sohour, the meal taken prior to sunrise for Muslims fasting during Ramadan”.

However, the restaurant manager, Hasan Al Masri, has higher plans for the project than its nutritional worth: “Our guests, both regional and international, are always looking for new experiences and this would be an interesting and authentic opportunity for anyone visiting Abu Dhabi”.

All we can say is watch this space.Perhaps camel milk will soon become an essential for any well-stocked cocktail bar.

Camel milk cocktails are available in the Ritz Carlton’s Mijana restaurant.During Ramadan, Mijana is open for private group bookings only.

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