Bright and stormy

09 Oct 2015
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Hutong has added some fantastic new cocktails to its menu that showcase a number of traditional Chinese ingredients, as well as a few more off the wall components such as Shitake mushrooms and squid ink!! Try one of their more aromatic cocktails with this bright and stormy recipe to get the weekend started.
Bright and stormy

Glass |High ball

Garnish |Passion fruit squeezed with a mint

Aroma |Jasmine and mint


25ml Zacapa rum

10ml Maraschino

5ml lime juice

5ml passion fruit syrup

Top with ginger beer and grenadine float


40ml Jasmin tea

8 mint leaves


Make the aroma by mixing the Jasmin tea and mint leaves together before adding them into an atomiser. Build the cocktail in the glass and then garnish with the aroma and the passiona fruit squeezed with mint.


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