He’s extravagant, he’s sensual, he’s flashy – he’s an absolute individual and so is his food. Rico Zandonella, the Swiss two-Michelin-star chef, perfectly expresses his invariably intense and always colourful culinary creations on the glossy pages of his new book Rico’s, with photographs by internationally acclaimed Michael Wissing. Complementing the superb food photography are images of Zandonella’s eclectic collection of clothes and collectables, showing all the facets of his personality. Alongside the recipes he also shares some of his philosophies on the lavishly designed pages and invites readers behind the scenes.

In his restaurant Kunststuben in Küsnacht near Zurich he presents guests with a unique experience for all the senses. He says: “I love everything creative. Cooking is in many ways similar to painting. You need an initial theme, a fundamental ideaso that all the different aspects can fall together to create an optically and tastefully harmonious picture.”

Rico’s is out now and can be ordered at www.kunststuben.com